”Oh S–t!” Total Divas’ Maryse Visits a Shooting Range With Eva Marie to Learn How to ”Defend” Herself With a Gun

Eva Marie is taking Maryse to a shooting range on tonight’s Total Divas.

After a man tries to break into Maryse and The Miz‘s house, Eva Marie decides to take Maryse to a shooting range in order for her to learn how to shoot a gun and defend herself if that situation ever occurred again.

“Today I’m taking Maryse to shoot a gun because she really wants to get a gun,” Eva Marie explains in the clip above.

The problem is, The Miz doesn’t want Maryse to get a gun, which Eva Marie understands.

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But she explains, “I want Maryse to feel what it’s like to hold a gun and actually shoot it.”

After her experience at the shooting range, Maryse admits it made her feel “empowered” and she felt as though she could “defend” herself.

Take a look at the Total Divas clip above to see Maryse talk about the gun situation and see how she does at the shooting range!

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